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Course Details:

The California Legislature passed the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) on 28th June 2018 and companies have been required to comply since 1st January 2020.

The CCPA protects the 40 million residents of California. While businesses may still collect and use personal data the CCPA gives California residents a number of rights.

  • To know what personal information is being collected about them
  • To access that data
  • To delete data that has been collected
  • To know who the data is being sold to
  • To opt out of those sales, and
  • To take action when their personal data is breached
  • This e-learning course provides an overview of the new measures covering data privacy brought in by the CCPA and includes an Assessment to test user understanding.

    Our online training is fully customisable to meet your unique requirements. This could mean customising the course with your company branding, or updating the content in line with your guidance and procedures on the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

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    Learning Outcomes:

    • An understanding of the CCPA and your responsibilities to comply with the Act
    • Knowledge of the “Five General Rights” – the consumer rights under the CCPA
    • Can define “sell” for the purposes of the CCPA
    • Awareness of who the act covers and who must comply with the CCPA
    • A understanding of “what is Personal Information” and examples
    • Data Anonymization
    • Privacy Notices under the CCPA
    • The impacts of a Data Breach
    • An awareness of the Penalties and Fines for violations of the CCPA

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