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InfoAware LMS

All your learning, development, and compliance activities all come together in the InfoAware Learning Management System (LMS).

The InfoAware LMS is a secure cloud hosted solution for bespoke and off-the-shelf training courses, policy management and staff assessment.

This easy to use intuitive Learning Management System is designed to bring all learning and development activities into one place, and empower employees to access training at a time that fits in with their work schedule.


Keep a complete history of user activity – such as viewing training, signing off policies, results of tests or completion of knowledge checks.


Deploying our cloud based solution ensures 24/7 availability from anywhere around the globe. Quick and easy to set up the cloud solution is styled to suit your own organisation’s branding.


All content is easy to customise, making sure the training matches your policies and procedures to deliver a consistent message to staff. Also why not include real life examples from your own operation.


Integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP user directories to ensure an up to date user database. Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL are the chosen supported databases.


InfoAware is designed to support web accessibility standards and SCORM compliance. Developed with screen reader technology in mind.


Check user understanding during and after training courses using a pool of randomised questions. Template questions are available for all InfoAware courses.

Exceptional customer service and support

We have earnt a reputation for our exceptional customer service.

Our learning consultants will work with you to configure the InfoAware LMS to your learning and development needs. As such, we can customise the Learning Management System in line with your unique branding and messaging.

We train and support you with InfoAware LMS management. This includes uploading and assigning learners to your courses, scheduling reminder emails, setting admin-permissions and producing reports.

Trusted by many…


Why InfoAware LMS?

Since its launch, the InfoAware LMS has trained over 400,000 staff trained worldwide. It has empowered our customers to deliver blended learning solutions that bring knowledge building into everyday activities.

The InfoAware LMS offers a flexible hosting for bespoke and off-the-shelf training courses, and compliance. This enables you to deliver powerful workflows and reporting to drive skills development, audit-ready compliance, and exceptional team performance.


Fully customisable
Quick implementation and roll out
Engaging gamification elements
Video and motion graphics
Bespoke learning path
Anytime, anywhere learning
Automated reminders
Comprehensive reports
Manager dashboard
Real-time monitoring
Secure cloud hosting

"I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Sophie and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a trusted partner for their projects. Their dedication to client satisfaction and their commitment to delivering top-notch solutions make them an invaluable asset to any team.

Thank you for an incredible partnership, and I look forward to exploring more opportunities together in the future.”

Chris Arkell, Learning & Development Manager

"Throughout the unconscious bias project, communication was seamless, and they always made sure to keep us informed of progress and any potential challenges. Their expertise and innovative approach brought fresh perspectives to the table, contributing significantly to the success of our collaborative efforts. They proved to be reliable, efficient, and highly knowledgeable in their field, making the entire process smooth and enjoyable."

Chris Arkell, Learning & Development Manager

“Working with InfoAware has been an absolute pleasure and an enriching experience. From the very beginning, I was impressed by their professionalism, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Their team demonstrated a profound understanding of our needs and objectives, and they went above and beyond to deliver exceptional results."

Chris Arkell, Learning & Development Manager

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