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Introduction to Neurodiversity

This course has been designed in partnership with Aspierations who are experts in neurodiversity in the workplace, to help you be more inclusive, reduce bias and attract and support great neurodiverse talent.
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Unconscious Bias

This e-learning course explains how we can overcome unconscious bias to improve decision making and professional relationships, and to create a more open, inclusive and effective organisation.
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Modern Slavery

This training course is designed to raise awareness of modern slavery, including scenarios to help learners identify red flags, and is fully customisable to include your policies and procedures.
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Home Working

The course describes what measures should be taken when working at home to ensure the security of information and the safety of the employee.
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Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

The course sets out the precautions required to eliminate such discomfort and ensure optimum comfort while using display screen equipment. It also explains to staff what support is available and how to find it.
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