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Criminal Finances Act & Tax Evasion

This E-Learning module outlines the main provisions of the Criminal Finances Act 2017 and our responsibilities for spotting facilitation of tax evasion. It offers practical advice on what to do if you suspect tax evasion has taken place and how to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion.
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Anti Fraud

Aimed at everyone in the organisation, the course sets out staff responsibilities with regard to spotting fraud, preventing fraud, reporting fraud and the actions that will be taken.
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Anti Money Laundering

The course explains the anti money laundering controls and the monitoring put in place by an organisation and how staff can ensure they comply with their obligations under the regulations.
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Competition Act

This course is designed to educate your employees about various anti-competitive practices, including cartels, informal collusion, careless breaches, tying and bundling, and other restrictive practices, and helps staff avoid breaking the law or becoming a victim of another businesses’ anti competitive practices.
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Contract Procedures

The course provides those carrying out procurement and contracting activities with an outline of the organisation's procedures in an interactive and easy to follow course.
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