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The Crown Estate delivers an annual training programme taking off-the-shelf training and customising to meet their unique requirements

About The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate is a significant national landowner with a diverse £16bn portfolio, including a range of properties and lands, including prime commercial properties, urban developments, farmland, forests, and coastline.

Owned by the reigning monarch, it operates as a commercial organisation, maximising the value of its holdings with all of the net revenue profit going to the Treasury for the benefit of the nation’s finances. This has totalled more than £3bn over the last ten years.

The organisation places a high value on its employees and fosters a supportive and inclusive work environment. With a strong commitment to sustainability and responsible practices, The Crown Estate’s employees play a vital role in implementing and driving the organisation’s environmental and social initiatives.

The Crown Estate results highlights

Digital learning accessible to all learners including users of assistive technologies

Eliminating the need for paper-based versions of digital content

Refreshed look and feel with up-to-date brand guidelines

Content easily editable by in-house L&D team

The challenge

There were a few reasons why we needed to refresh our courses:

  • Changes in legislation to data protection and anti-bribery legislation
  • New user guidance following an information security audit
  • Replace out of date branding

The data protection awareness and training programme was an important part of our strategy as the deadline for GDPR implementation approached.

The solution

We’ve used InfoAware’s online courses for a number of years and knew they could deliver what we wanted.

From the beginning we knew the whole process was going to be easy. Their methodology is simple and they are lovely people who work hard to build the right training for us and are flexible to accommodate our needs.

What we like most about InfoAware is their customisability. It’s a real advantage to be able to take their Off-the-Shelf courses and customise it with real life examples specific to our staff and include jargon and terms they are used to seeing.

The results


The key benefits we saw from using InfoAware were that the training was easy to deploy, cost effective, reliable technology and we had the ability to generate real time reports easily and quickly using the InfoAware LMS.

We had the luxury of not having to deliver to KPIs or demonstrate an ROI. Nevertheless, the sheer hassle factor of trying to do this in house means that the InfoAware service and process is worth its weight in gold.

The latest set of courses were implemented across the business with everyone required to complete them. All new starters going forward will have to undertake them when they join, so the courses keep delivering for us.

“I would recommend InfoAware in a heartbeat. Talk to them – you’ll find them very helpful.”

Martin Brazier, Knowledge Manager

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