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How InfoAware helped Digilog transform their offering from face-to-face training to a bespoke flexible online model

About Digilog

Digilog UK Ltd is a leading provider of Integrated Risk-Reduction Solutions and bespoke training for validating integrity within conversation-based transactions. These transactions include Applications, Claims, Customer Disputed Transactions and Investigative Interviews.

Digilog design and deliver pioneering solutions to meet the differing and unique risk exposures of individual businesses and their varied processes. Their training approach is designed to be integrated into their customers business objectives.

Digilog’s innovative solution is also geared to provide a fast, effective and efficient process for validating integrity within conversations using their specialist software – DiVA (Digital intelligence Voice Analysis). Their Technology brings together the very best of Cognitive Interviewing, Behavioural Analysis, Intelligent Questioning, Applied Psychology and Conversation Management Techniques. DiVA is designed for efficient and user-friendly processing.

Digilog results highlights

Introduced the InfoAware eLearning platform to support Digilog’s online training delivery

Consistent training delivery in a bespoke Digilog brand design

Added benefits of scalability and cost-savings to Digilog and their customers

Offered a flexible approach to training with the ability to deliver training remotely

The challenge

Digilog wanted to offer a new and dynamic training solution to their customers. At the time, Digilog were delivering face-to-face training both nationwide and internationally. However, the timing of this project coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic and a shift in behaviour and working patterns. As such, more customers were looking for a flexible and online solution, that also offered significant cost savings. Our challenge was to transpose class-room based courses to online training.

What made you decide to use InfoAware over other solutions?

“We were speaking with three other companies. We chose InfoAware because they were friendly, personable, grasped what we were trying to achieve and provided us with a bespoke solution based on our objectives. We’ve since worked together to develop more modules in line with developments in customer requirements.”

Andrew McGeown, Director of Training at Digilog

The solution

Digilog’s decision to choose InfoAware over other solutions was driven by several key factors. During the selection process, Digilog evaluated three other companies, but InfoAware stood out due to their friendly and personable approach, as well as their deep understanding of Digilog’s objectives. InfoAware provided a bespoke solution tailored to Digilog’s needs.

“The main requirements were to be able to incorporate the visual elements of our in-person training into the course content to work alongside the learning objectives and outcomes. This was achieved through regular discussion and reviews of the storyboards.” – Andrew McGeown, Director of Training

The challenge of transposing training material into the e-learning format had a profound impact on Digilog’s business. It coincided with a major re-branding effort, allowing them to align all aspects of their operations with the fresh brand identity. By embracing the online training platform provided by InfoAware, Digilog could reach a wider target market. Additionally, the shift to online training offered greater flexibility, catering to the diverse needs of their clients.

For this project, Digilog had several key requirements that InfoAware needed to address. They aimed to incorporate the visual elements of their in-person training seamlessly into the e-learning course content. As a result, this closely complemented their learning objectives and outcomes.

“We were able to communicate complex ideas using supporting animations and graphics, in a way that conveyed the key principles simplistically for the learner to understand. As a result, we were able to make visual connections, related to the training material in a clear and concise manner. Moreover, we were able to include interactive case studies to support and develop student’s understanding.” – Andrew McGeown, Director of Training

The results

After partnering with InfoAware, Digilog witnessed a range of impactful outcomes and key performance indicators (KPIs). Notably, significant cost savings were passed on to customers, resulting in improved customer retention and increased income.

“By transposing training material into the e-learning platform, this allowed the courses to be more readily available to a wider audience. This enabled students to be self-sufficient and complete in their own time, replacing the 9-5 training environment.” – Andrew McGeown, Director of Training at Digilog

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to provide essential training and support remotely was invaluable. Moreover, the partnership led to a re-engineering of training materials, enhancing the effectiveness of the courses. As a result, training delivery became more efficient and flexible, with a better understanding of course duration. This efficiency made the training solution more attractive and cost-effective for Digilog’s customers.

“This project followed a major re-brand and enabled us to bring everything inline and up to date. The online training facility has also enabled us to reach a wider target market and more flexibility in our offering.” – Charlie Emsley, Project Manager at Digilog

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