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Arun District Council launches customised off-the-shelf elearning to provide an introduction to Climate Change and the Council’s Carbon Neutral Target

About Arun District Council

Arun District Council, a local authority in the UK, recognised the urgency of addressing sustainability and carbon emissions within their operations.

Arun District Council is responsible for delivering various public services and implementing policies that affect the local community. As part of their commitment to environmental responsibility, the council developed a comprehensive carbon neutral strategy, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices within their operations. They have also produced a climate action and biodiversity work plan, which is updated annual. This document highlights what the council is doing, has done, and could do, to reduce their impact on the environment.

Arun District Council results highlights

Digital learning accessible to all learners including users of assistive technologies

Employee understanding of the policies and documentation produced by the Council 

Increased awareness of Climate Change and Sustainability

Positive feedback from learners

The challenge

Arun District Council sought assistance in delivering customised off-the-shelf elearning training to communicate their unique carbon neutral strategy and raise awareness among employees about the importance of sustainable practices. This included a goal to:

a) Develop customised elearning training module on sustainability and carbon awareness tailored to Arun District Council’s specific goals, strategies, and commitments to sustainability.

b) Raise awareness among council employees about the importance of sustainable practices and their role in achieving the carbon neutral targets. Furthermore, raise awareness of the progress they have made to be more sustainable.

c) Highlight the need for carbon reporting and why the council monitors emissions. This includes an overview of what they report on and explain the carbon reporting process.

d) Provide a basic understanding of carbon emissions and their role in climate change, the climate emergency and global commitments.

e) Promote behaviour change and encourage employees to adopt sustainable practices in their daily work routines.

The solution

To achieve the desired objectives, we took the following steps:

Content Development: InfoAware worked closely with Arun District Council’s Climate Change & Sustainability Manager William Page to customise our off-the-shelf elearning training to deliver their unique learning requirements.

Design and Branding: The training modules were designed with an engaging and interactive interface. Arun District Council’s branding elements and messaging were incorporated to create a cohesive learning experience aligned with their carbon neutral strategy.

Interactive Elements: To enhance learner engagement, interactive elements such as animation, embedded video, scenarios, and knowledge checks were integrated into the training. As a result, these elements encouraged active participation and provided opportunities for learners to apply sustainable practices in realistic situations.

Accessibility Considerations: The elearning training content was designed and developed to meet accessibility standards. This ensured that all employees, including those with disabilities, could access and engage with the content.

Deployment and Support: The elearning training modules were deployed on Arun District Council’s InfoAware learning management system (LMS). Technical support and guidance were provided to ensure smooth implementation and address any learner queries.

The results


a) Increased awareness: The customised elearning training modules effectively communicated the council’s carbon neutral target. Moreover it raised awareness among employees about the importance of sustainable practices and carbon awareness.

b) Behaviour change: The training modules encouraged employees to adopt sustainable practices in their daily work routines, leading to a positive impact on the council’s carbon footprint and overall sustainability efforts.

c) Measurable impact: The integration of assessments and reporting functionalities allowed for the measurement of employee knowledge and progress. As a result, this provided insights for future training interventions and demonstrating the effectiveness of the elearning programme.

d) Consistent messaging: By incorporating Arun District Council’s branding and messaging into the elearning content, a consistent and unified message was conveyed to employees, reinforcing the council’s commitment to sustainability.

e) Scalability and cost-effectiveness: The off-the-shelf elearning approach facilitated scalability and cost-effectiveness, enabling the council to train a large number of employees efficiently and economically.

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